I have been retired for over 8 years now. I just came across a series of pictures from my classroom at ITMS. You can now join me in a journey back in time and check out the classroom that Ms. Vasco and I occupied for 10 years. Over 1,000 kids joined in the fun in that room. Fun was had …
Obviously this page has not been updated with New Stuff for quite a while. Still, it now serves as a time machine into life before Facebook.
Click here to enjoy an 28 minute interview with Mike Guido conducted by Long Island Blues Warehouse guru Mark Klein. We touched on all things Bag and Baggers. Among those mentioned are: Stanton Anderson Band, Jim Small Band, Allen Santoriello, Cadillac Moon, Tammi Wolfe, the Hit Squad, EKO Productions and the Ralphs and much more. There are two 15 minute segments. Part one ~ Part two
We are pleased to announce that we now have a perfect venue for the Paper Bag vocalists and instrumentalists to meet and play together all year long. The Nutty provides a full back line (guitar amps, keyboards, bass amp, drum set etc.), stage lighting and complete PA services with the sound board being manned by your old pal Mike Guido and the stage commanded by good old Mike Nugent. We will also enjoy the talents of Ian Pitillo on drums and Mark Mancini on keyboards.
The Band Members Only page has been updated with a current songlist and zip files with mp3s of the songs on the list. You need a password to access this page, so if you are a 2012 Bag Band Member in good standing and you need the password, click here to email Mike. Executive Board members who need to access the special deluxe Executive Board page need a different password. We have secrets we are keeping from you. Some of them might involve digital renditions certain unnamed parts of Mike Cummings' anatomy.
Yes! at Bag #34 Mr. Lee Thompson did turn in several stellar performances but this one is just awesome. I am not mentioning the name because it has already been banned on YouTube and in several of the larger foreign countries because os absolute jealousy! This is the version. Lee Thompson backed by the Big Band and the Big Audience.
This one should be especially interesting to my teacher friends - and anyone else who has experienced the 8th grade. I cover most of this stuff in my classroom every year.
John Boyle sent me a video of the obligitory speech to the musicians for Bag #32. He has labeled it "Blah Blah Blah." I am eloquent, as always.
I have just finished updating the Paper Bag Master Songlist. 34 Paper Bags, 1,400 songs. They are all there, sorted alphabetically by Artist. There is also a summary page that you can stare at and make some conclusions about who we are and what we do.
The new Bag season has begun.The Executive Board has been hard at work with two meetings already done. Stories were told, laughs were had, beer cans were stacked up and repeatedly knocked over, spraying beer on others. We are likely to break a hip and we still act like 12 year olds. Fantastic! Anyway, we will post a songlist after the next meeting but you can click the link to get more info.
Bill Stevens owned the below mentioned Chelsea Square Pub in Huntington. There would be no Paper Bag were it not for this man's sense of fun. He was a larger than life dynamo and he was my friend
Courtesy of Mr. John Stevens we have a very cool addition to the Paper Bagsite this link takes you to a page where you can view a monthly (sorta) news magazine and entertainment calendars from Chelsea in Huntington. Chelsea is where the Paper Bag actually was reborn by the band Cutaway. On the February 1984 page you will find the World Premier of the very first showing of Paper Bag - the movie. Anyway, those of you who populated Huntington during the late nights during the 80's will enjoy this.
Ah, 2 months until the Executive Board meets and I have just finished updating the Alltime Bag Member list. Go find yourself and make sure you are credited with the correct number of years.
Paper Bag #34 - The "News"paper Bag - A Tribute to EdLowe was an exceptional night. Tons of great music. Here for your entertainment is the opening featuring the theme from Superman - "and who, disguised as Ed Lowe, a mild mannered columnist for a great metropolitan newspaper, fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and economy of words when writing."
Sometime in October 2007 or so EdLowe discovered the Moth. His daughter Colleen explains is as such "the moth is this great organization - www.moth.org ... unscripted storytelling - they throw out a topic, and people put their names in a hat if they wanna tell a story... I told my dad about years ago and he went to a little dive in the village to check it out - name in the hat, he was the first one called. he was SO FREAKIN HIGH from it he called me at nearly 3am that morning to tell me about it. it was when he was down sliding, no more newsday or whatever that long island press? newspaper and he was so excited to have found a new niche - this story telling." It is so cool to see and hear my pal tell a story.
Click here to enjoy an 11 minute interview with Mike Guido conducted by Long Island Blues Warehouse guru Mark Klein. Through skilled questioning Mr. Klein permits Mr. Guido to be witty, erudite, engaging and actually quite charming. I'm ready for my close up …
The Band Members Only page has been updated with a current songlist and zip files with mp3s of the songs on the list. You need a password to access this page, so if you are a 2011 Bag Band Member in good standing and you need the password, click here to email Mike. Executive Board members who need to access the special deluxe Executive Board page need a different password. We have secrets we are keeping from you. Some of them might involve prurient images of Mike Cummings' hairy back.
Paper Bag #34 ~ the News-Paper Bag ~ an homage to EdLowe is right around the corner. Tickets are available from Band members priced at $20, or they can be purchased right here on the Bagsite for $25. On the day of the show tickets will be $30 at the door. Those band members who would like to submit their ticket money online my do so by clicking the Band Members Only link and using the PayPal button on that page.
Paper Bag #33 ~ Bags Fly Free! ~ the movie is ready for your perusal. Relive that thrilling evening … from the Star Trek opeining until the final Whole Tone scale at 4am. Own a 3 dvd set, complete with humorous photos (like the one of Big Scotto scarfing down some spaghetti and meatballs on stage). Order yours today
Finally a page devoted to Paper Bag #33 - Bags Fly Free! ~ Traveling Songs. A complete Bag devoted to the theme, a rarity in Paper Bag History. If you find bad links or other errata, let me know.
Yes, we have a theme. Paper Bag #34 - the News-Paper Bag - an homage to EdLowe. click the link and get started on your 2011 Paper Bag journey.
EdLowe was a Long Island institution and a great friend. At the Bag, he has been the Section Leader for the Group W Bench for over 20 years. We will miss him.
In response to alert Bag attendee Ken Maguire I have gotten off my arse and posted the Leftover Bag shirts from Bags #32 and #33. Visit the Paper Bag Gift Shop today for those last minute Christmas presents
Paper Bag Executive Board member & 2008 Bag MVP Joe Santino has posted his annual contribution to the Paper Bag photo portfolio. In addition to pix of Bag #33, you can click here and enjoy photos of Bagdom dating back more than 15 years. There is also a plethora of photos and videos on facebook. I don't quite know how to organize the various groups of facebook pix so that they can be accessed from one central place. If you can figure out how to do this, let me know.
We are proud to publish a letter from Specialist Rick Silecchio, 101st Airborne/Air assault in support of OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) from Bagram Air Field, Afghan/sandland. Send him an email at yamahastuntin2009@yahoo.com
Tickets to Paper Bag #33 are available in three flavors. Get your ticket directly from a Bagger and pay only $20 per ticket. Click here and buy tickets through Paypal and pay $25 per. Or, be a slug and wait until the last minute and pay $30 at the door. Your choice. Bag members can also pay for their tickets at the Band Members Only page.
There have been a few minor changes in the songlist for Bag #33 - Bags Fly Free! Traveling Songs. Johnny Maestro and Ronnnie James Dio have now met the criteria for being included in the Body Bag. Songlist #7 is now available at the Band Members Only page. In addition, the Band Members Only page will give you access to a zip file with lyrics (compiled by Bag member extraordinaire Pete Scully). As always, if you are a 2010 Bag Band Member in good standing and you need the password, click here to email Mike.
The Band Members Only page has been updated with a current songlist and zip files with mp3s of the songs on the list. You need a password to access this page, so if you are a 2010 Bag Band Member in good standing and you need the password, click here to email Mike. Executive Board members who need to access the special deluxe Executive Board page need a different password. We have secrets we are keeping from you. Some of them might involve prurient images of Mike Cummings.
Yes, you can now own a dvd of Paper Bag #32 - Bagstock - Woodstock turns 40 - Motown turns 50. Visit the Bag DVD page now. Relive those thrilling days of yesteryear as you scroll down the list … remember this? Anyway, we have videos from almost 20 years of Bags, all live, all hysterical.
For over 25 years Lenny LaPinta has played gigs with the Jim Small Band. He has helped us celebrate our milestone events and has been a constant presence, elevating the performance every time he sits-in. Well, from now on we are going to pay him. Welcome to Lenny LaPinta to the JSB. Click here to visit Lenny's new JSB page and while your're at it look around the JSB site. Many funny photos and great memories. Click here for a page to find neat stuff.
My brother sent me this link to a NY Times story. I am a public school music teacher. For years I searched for Mr. George Clinton, who was my music teacher from 3rd through 11th grade. I have been a working musician for over 35 years, my whole life has been driven and enriched by playing music, and by teaching others to discover and savor this wondrous, ethereal magic where people strike strings and objects, and blow into tubes, and do it with such precision that music washes past our ears and makes us feel things. Anyway, I just re-read what I wrote above. I had two thoughts - 1 - that is some run-on sentence, and - 2 - wow! where did that come from. Well it came from the article that you will read if you click the link.
There is now a page for Band Members. It will have Tentative songlists as they are updated and mp3s of song so you can learn them. If you are a participant in the Bag and you need the password, click here to email me. There is also a page for The Executive Board with a different password. If you should have it and you need it, click here.
Yes! We have a theme for the new Bag Season. Bags Fly Free! Think of the many contexts … the veritable cornucopia of mental images conjured … and the hundreds of cool songs that fit the category. Click here to send me an email with your suggestions of go to the Paper Bag facebook page and click the Discussions tab.
2/11/10 • 4:46am ~ Paper Bag #32 - Bagstock
Finally a page devoted to Paper Bag #32 - Bagstock - Woodstock turns 40, Motown turns 50. I still have more stuff to post and the page still looks a little bit weird but it is almost 5am and I am starting to make way too many typing mistakes. I work on it again tomorrow. If you find bad links or other errata, let me know.
A photocopy of two pages from one of Thelonius Monk's notebooks. Very cool and very insightful for us musician types. I espcially like the very last statement.
As the Paper Bag is dragged into the 21st Century, at the urging of my daughter Sara there is now a facebook page for the Paper Bag. As I get better at this, you will receive important Paper Bag Notifications on the wireless device of your choice.
Yes, I finally got to posting pix from Bag #32. Many people contributed to these pages and I thank them. I just can't figure out who gave me what.
I have updated the All-Time page. Mary McCheese wrote me a scathing e-mail castigating me for listing her at only 28 years in the Bag when it should be clear that she has been in the Bag longer than that. Go check for your name and make sure your permanent record is up to date
I have finally updated the TYSH page. It is very interesting as you go back in time and see what people write or ask for. Sometimes wishes actually come true. Click here to tell us your Paper Bag Story
Google makes a neat little search engine that I was able to copy into the Bagsite homepage. Go ahead, type your name in the box. Cool huh? Hit the x to cancel
Here's the first post after Bag #32 and what a Bag it was. Days later and I'm still recovering. Anyway, I have updated the Master Songlist. During 32 Paper Bags, we have now played 1,292 songs. I have added a cool summary page that lists the bands we have played the most and the songs we have played the most. Click here and have fun.
5/16/2009 ~ BeatlesTube and StonesTube
Thanks and a tip of the Baghat to Bruce Sautkulis for bringing these cool sites to our attention. They are self-explanatory. Click, watch and listen. Also available in Queen and U2.
Thanks to Legendary New Age Renaissance Man (note:capitalization) Irv Berner who has single-handedly dragged the Jim Small Band into the new milennium and we … drum roll please … have a MySpace page. Many of you know Irv as the man crouching behind the glass in the office at Sam Ash, wishing only to be left undisturbed by the mother of the kid playing Stairway over there in the amp section. Indeed, any musician who has patronized this fine store over the past 25 years owes a debt of gratitude to this deranged, yet exquisitely talented, musician. Thank him the next time you see him.
We now have a page where Bag Members can download songlists, itinerary, mp3 files for the musicians to learn the songs, artwork from Mary Cheese for those of you who would like to burn cds, and finally an "Add to Cart" button for Bag Members to submit ticket money online. This page is password protected. If you need the password, click here to email me and I will send the password to you.
Yes, now you can buy your ticket to Paper Bag #32 - Bagstock right here at the Bagsite. Either go to the Bagstock page, or just click this button. Tickets are $25 online and $30 day of show.
As you could see when you accessed the Bag homepage I have reworked the format. This is the fruit of 9 very late nights when I read a very thick manual and after creating more than 1800 webpages using table based layouts I am starting over. Bag pages will now be created using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). I will begin the process of converting the rest of the bagpages. Click an email link and tell me what you think. Should you like to check out the old homepage to compare or to just reminisce, click here. I would appreciate any suggestions to make the Bagsite easier to use. Even better would be for you you to send me some content.
Take a moment to catch up on the Paper Bag's own fighting Cheese Calzone as she travels the globe to protect our freedom. See actual Bag video of push-ups, real and imagined.
Please take 10 minutes of your life to listen to a piece of music and read a speech about the power of music. After all, we are musicians, aren't we?
We have one hour of video tape that covers the time period from about 8:30 to 9:30pm on Bagnight 2006 ~ . I have condensed it to 7 minutes 30 seconds. It is mildly amusing. It is amazing that Big Scotto can set off the fire alarm and be on the other side of the building before we hear the alarm.
The Jim Small Band has earned a return engagement at the beautiful Boulton Center for the Performing Arts in Bay Shore. Tickets are on sale now for this May 9, 2009 event. Last year we sold out in 3 weeks so get your tickets early.
The Executive Board has selected a theme. Woodstock turns 40 & Motown turns 50. Plus of course, the Body Bag, a crowd favorite. Click the link for more info on Bag #32
Among my favorite things to post on the Bagsite are pictures from the past. The way were were is not so far from the way we are. Here are some shots from a great gig, played long ago. I remember it like it was yesterday.
It is a little known fact that I was the first sax player in the legendary Long Island band FullHouse. Here are some of my memories regarding my time with the band.
2/3/2009 ~ Amy Winebag
Paper Bag maniac Denise Corazón has worn many interesting costumes for the Bag. This one is the best.
To Mike et al @ The Paper Bag: Went to my 3rd Bag this year - incredible as always!! I took these at the Bag in June. You guys put on a hell of a show!!! I'm a cousin of Leen Lombardozzi & her hubby Keith (Dozzi).
Looking forward to 2009 ~ !!
Regards  Ed Butler
Paper Bag afficionado  Ken McCullough sent me some pictures of his bands playing on LI as far back as 1964. It is really cool to see equipment that is now condsidered "vintage" when it was all we could afford. I have requested pictures of my old bands from those who may have them and I request of you to send me your pictures of your bands from back in the day.
All around good guy Don Larsen sent me scanned images of a program from a Mother's of Invention concert. That got me to thinking about good old Frank Zappa and how much he has influenced the Paper Bag. Add a star if you are a Frank Zappa fan.
I just realized that I hadn't posted pages commemorating these two cool events. The Jim Small Band concert at the Boulton Center sold out in 3 weeks. The Jim Small Band and the Stanton Anderson Band, along with others were selected to receive LISA awards from the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. We played a concert at Brookhaven Amphitheatre and a grand time was had by all. Please peruse the photos, and read my insightful remarks.
I have unearthed another local newspaper article from the 80's. This one is interesting in that the writer interviews old friends Jim Small, members of Jim Pin, Bobby Rondinelli and George Sintron, among others. The theme of the article is rock vs disco - or - real musicians vs the pretty-boys. The article is a bit long (over 2,500 words for those counting at home) but it is interesting to read, especially if you frequented the bars along New York Ave in Huntington during the 80's. It could have been written yesterday.
The theme for Paper Bag #22 was "Mr. Rogers meets Ozzy." When I changed over to Mr Rogers, my wife Sue for got to bring the pants. So I stand in front of 1500 people in my Sponge Bob boxers and sing. But that is not even the funniest part. We have not one, but two Ozzys, and an appearance by Sharon Osbourne as well. Big Scotto by himself is a reason for the invention of audio compression.
I just finished updating the PBATSL. As I work on the video tapes I have been correcting the database with the Paper Bag Master Songlist. We are now up to 1,233 songs over 31 Bags. The list is sorted by Artist, then by Bag # and then song #. Have fun with this one.
Oh my gawd this is funny. As part of Arts in Education the JSB makes a rare  9 am appearance at a middle school. We have photos, complete with images of the guys (and girl) on line at the cafeteria. We also have several essays written by 11 year olds critiquing our performance. We can also take a moment here and remember our old pal Sally Scudder.
Yes, another Paper Bag video has made it's way to YouTube. The first installment of The Bag as Seen by Bill Mason. It is 1994 at Paradise in Island Park. We get to relive the day before the Bag – set up and rehearsal. There is some funny stuff here. Sectional rehearsals, Exec Board meeting, Big Scotto dancing - the whole entertainment package.
12/10/2008 ~ Paper Bag dvd labels
Check out the labels for the Paper Bag dvds. Lots of funny pictures. Lots of cool memories. I will continue to post the labels as I finish converting the vhs tapes to digital. I also added the dvd artwork to the ontologia page for each year.
The opening to Paper Bag #22 is a scream. We catch Mike Cummings not paying attention during the opening sequence.  Mike blames it on his brother Patrick, who is playing an electric mandolin. But as I told Mike, it is funnier if we think that it is him
11/29/2008 ~ Paper Bag on YouTube
Yes, after all these years you can finally see a clip of the Paper Bag on YouTube. I have posted the opening sequence from Bag #24 - 2001 - the Bag from Space. I'm sure you will agree that it is most impressive. Especially Steven Finkelstein with a plastic bucket and a bicycle helmet on his head, play electronic timpani using flip-flops as mallets.
My sweet wife Suzie is cleaning out stuff upstairs. She just handed me a copy of the Village Connection magazine from June 2007 ~ that list yours truly as a "contributing writer." My "article" appears on page 46. As you can see from the masthead, the marketing director for the mag is one "Scott "Scotto"Savitt.
It seems like a long time since I posted something new but there is a reason for that. I have been spending my "War Room" time converting Bag vhs tapes to dvds. I have completed 10 years of Bags and have 16 years to go (there was no video tape until Bag #6). That is 60 hours of Bag finished, 96 hours to go. In addition, there is about 20 hours of "The Bag as Seen by Bill Mason" and another 12 or so hours from the "Tell Your Story Her Booth" (some of which is flat out hysterical).
Yes! Now you can own a dvd of your favorite Paper Bag! Missed a Bag and would like to own a shirt from that show? We have it. Want to impress your friends by wearing a cool Paper Bag baseball cap with the screw-eyes head logo? Now is your chance. Visit our new on-line Bag Gift Shop and own a piece of Bag History. Don't forget, these items make great gifts.
This is a cool little page that shows you all the Paper Bag shirts on a single page. You can then click on a shirt and see a larger image of that shirts. I am missing shirts from Bag's #11 and #13. If you have one of these, please email me and we'll talk.
I finally set up a paypal account so now you have the opportunity of sharing the past with us. Shirts, hats, pins, cds, and dvds from the Jim Small Band are available to you. If this works well I will begin offering Paper Bag dvds and other papaphernalia. Since I am new to the internet retail business I have approximated shipping and postage at 15%, this will also be adjusted as needed.
For those of you who feel the need to live vicarously through me and expect thrilling vacation pictures, I have posted photos from the Guido family vacation. It is all there, cows, goats, pigs, shuffleboard, square dancing and of course . . . cocktails on the lawn.
Here is the page for Bag #31. I haven't put up a photo page yet, I need more pictures, send me your pictures NOW! There may be mistakes in the links and info. If you find mistakes, email me and let me know so I can fix them. Have fun
Bag 31 is in the books and it was a good one. Here are some new posts to the Tell Your Story Here page. I have also updated the All-Time Songlist page. Coming soon will be the page with all the Bag 31 info and lots of photos.
The Bag family assists Pete Scully in his quest to sing a duet with the one and only Stevie Wonder. Check it out.
Brenden O'Keefe brought the aura of the Bagshirt to the Great Wall, now Denise Corazón has carried us south. Bring the essence of Bagness to the far corners of the world and send us your digital images. Think of it, the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and dare I say it … Mount Everest
Joanne Schenker of Canvas (a backdrop for ideas, perspective & life on Long Island) has written two cool little articles about the Bag. Very few people who haven't experienced the Bag and write about it really "get it". Joanne does a wonderful job. Please feel free to add your comment to the articles.This is a good opportunity to peruse the Bag Newspaper Article page. There is a menu at the top of the page, or you can just scroll down and take a chronological trip down Bag Memory Lane.
The Jim Small Band had a great gig at the Boulton Center just packed full of family and friends. Thanks to all who attended and were a part of this great event. Please send me photos and I will be glad to post them.
Joe Santino has posted the photos from Paper Bag #30 - The Dirt Bag. Feel free to peruse these fine images and reminice about what was, or discover what was because you did'nt see it the first time or just don't remember. This link goes to a page that offers access to many bag photo files. Have fun.
I have spend several long nights at the scanner. In the War Room is a old bedside table with a drawer marked "Originals." (It's right behind where Phrögk sits at the Exec Board meetings) I have dug down to 1981 and have been posting old JSB calendars. These were the things we used to mail to you. Eventually I will add my insightful little comments to them. This will keep you amused for a little while.
In anticipation of our upcoming gig at the Boulton Center we have been searching the file cabinets and cardboard boxes for stuff from the old days. It has been coming in . . . photos and old mailing list calendars. If you have any old photos or calendars from the Jim Small Band please let me know. I would love to include them. Meanwhile, go to the JSB History page and click and have fun.
Yes boys & girls Paper Bag #31 is coming and it is the Sleeping Bag. Click the link and read my highly entertaining and very informative essay. Executive Board members should click here
2/4/2008 ~ Children of Evil
Very cool picture from the early 70's of Polecat himself, Ed Carucci showing his prowess at chord technique. Also, very cool name for a band.
I have added another cigarette commercial, this time from Newport cigarettes. The commercial is surreal, especially when, as a child, you actually saw it on channel 2. As a public serivce, I have added a quick 15 second look at Groucho Marx. You're welcome
More pictures from the past. My old pal and guitarist Doug Dattoma has sent me some pictures from way back when.
Our old pal Roast Beef Joe Samuels has injured himself and is in the hospital for an extended bout of physical therapy. The Paper Bag requests that each of us "adopts" RBJ for a day and rings the old boy up on the telly.
Yes! After 25 years we have become respectable. After more than 5,000 gigs in Long Island bars, we are playing in a theatre. We invite all our family and friends to join us in an evening of original music by the Jim Small Band.
Chuck Evans participated in the Bag from 1980 through 1989 when he moved to California or some other strange place. Here is a little diddy about him and as an added bonus you can peruse the work order for lighting rental for Bag #9
The other day at the middle school where I work, I happened to be in the office when the Assistant Principal was grilling an 8th grade boy because in the group photo of the whole 8th grade class it appeared that he was giving some sort of salute with a certain digit on his hand. He is a good kid (and an excellent guitar player) so when his Mom came in to receive the news of his alleged digit-displaying I was compelled to relieve her anxiety by relating a sad story from my youth. Click the link and follow along. Who would have know that I would become a school band director.
This was sent to me by my hero, Frank Rizzo. It is a pdf of every Beatle song from 1962 - 1974. A marvelous resource for aging hippy musicians and young studs alike. The file is kind of large (13.4MB) so it might take a while to download, but the reward is a printable version of hundreds of Beatle songs, all linked from both a table of contents page and an index page. Very cool. Just another service brought to you by your local musicians at the Paper Bagsite.
11/19/2007 ~ More Bag page rehabs
I have rehabbed the pages for the first 8 Bags. I am finally going through the files and scanning docs and pictures from the early days. I have posted some new photos for Bag #1. I have no photos from Bag #2, just audio. If you have photos from the Silver Dollar in 1979 email me. I do, however have photos from every other Bag and they are hysterical. Some classic Calzone shots, dapper images of Jim Small, and a picture of Phrögk that you will not believe. Also, for your amusement, I am putting roll-overs in the upper corners for each Bag page. Most of them will take you to yet another page in the Bagsite for your enjoyment. You can start at Bag #1 , scroll down the page and follow the links to Bag #2 etc. Have fun.
I have posted the next commercial in our 1950's & 60's TV Commercial of the Month series. This month features Mike Guido and Scott Kistenberger being fleeced into a moving job by none other that Judy Davis.
Oh no! More funny stuff. The members of the Jim Small Band have been waging an email war of humorous attacks on each other. Here is a shot fired by Vinny Cimino. Take a few minutes and look carefully at each face.
As part of the preparation for the Jim Small Band "special event" coming up May 3, 2008 ~ (a date that you should mark on your calendar click here for more info) I rediscovered(with the help of the author) a Newsday column, written way back in 1991, by Ed Lowe about the Jim Small Band. I especially like the part about "relaxed precision and easy excellence."
Oh man this is funny. A blast from the past. My old pal Doug Dattoma sent me a picture that brought back the coolest memories. click the link and check it out. Naturally it comes with a narrative of my view of the events. I have had alot of fun in my life. I really have.
10/7/2007 ~ Allman Brothers Hour
We just enjoyed our second annual performance at the Huntington Fall Festival in Heckscher Park. It was great - beautiful day, blue sky, 6 guys playing their little faces off. Click the link for my little essay concerning Allman Brothers Hour and to view photos from our performances.
9/24/2007 ~ very late at night ~ New stuff on pages for Bag #1 ~ Bag #2 ~ Bag #3 ~ Bag #4 ~ Bag #5 ~ Bag #6
I have rehabbed the pages for the first 6 Bags. I am finally going through the files and scanning docs and pictures from the early days. I have posted some new photos. I have no photos from Bag #2, just audio. If you have photos from the Silver Dollar in 1979 email me. I do, however have photos from every other Bag and they are hysterical. Some classic Calzone shots, dapper images of Jim Small, and a picture of Phrögk that you will not believe. Also, for your amusement, I am putting roll-overs in the upper corners for each Bag page. Most of them will take you to yet another page in the Bagsite for your enjoyment.
Oh baby this is a classic. Bag #1 was recorded by Phrögk directly from the sound board to a cassette tape. I have kept this tape in a drawer all this time. Last year I went to convert it to digital and I couldn't find it. I thought it was lost. But no! I found it in a box full of Bag video tape, right where I put it so I wouldnt lose it. The files are large and take a while to download but they are fun to listen to.
the Photo page has been given a rehab session. I have spiffed up the graphics a bit and have added some links that were missing. Joe Santino's Bag Photos from Bag #21 to the present can now be accessed with a single link. Have fun
I have rehabbed the Jim Small website and included some nifty rollovers with our faces popping up on your trusty monitor screen. I need some more content. Anyone with photos or stories regarding the Jim Small band please click here and send them to me. Especially ones that will make us laugh at ourselves. Or at you. Send your contribution to the official JSB history today.
In the spring of 1998 Big Scotto & I recorded a radio commercial. Mulcahy's had it played on WBAB during the month before the Bag. Learn the story behind this piece of Bag ontology
Click the link and enjoy Fred and Barney while they enjoy a Winston. Let me know if you like this new feature
Another late night in the War Room. Tonight I updated the "Bag Members - All Time" page. I actually split it up into 4 pages. Listed are all 695 people who have participated in the Bag since its inception. Baggers are listed by how many years they have in the Bag. There are 160 people who have participated in one Bag. There are 52 people who have participated in more than 20 Bags. 179 have participated in more that 10 Bags. That is a lot of fun for one group to have. Call the authorities immediately. (I told you it was a late night in the War Room)
Polecat & the Downwind Dance Band featuring Tony Rome & his Cheese Calzones have now performed 1,074 songs during 30 performances. We have performed songs by 315 different artists. The Beatles are our favorite band (102 songs) and there are 198 bands that we have performed once each. We have done original songs by Jim Small, Mike Nugent and Jim Pin. The Bag Master Songlist has them all. Have fun.
7/16/2007 ~ Photos from Lester
For your perusal, a montage of images from Bag #30 taken by the Beached Whale himself, Lester Saldinger.
A really cool look at life backstage at Paper Bag #30, by Noodles, the one and only Rick Horvath. Many thanks from me to those whom expressed their various congratulations to me.
For those of you who feel the need to live vicarously through me and expect thrilling vacation pictures, I have posted photos from the Guido family vacation. It is all there, cows, goats, pigs, shuffleboard and of course . . . cocktails on the lawn.
7/3/2007 ~ The Bag #30 page
Relive the exciting times of Paper Bag #30 - The Dirt Bag. I still have to put up links to digital images that I have received from Lester (Beached Whale Productions) Rich Campbell and Annie Santoriello. If you have images or a story to tell aboout Bag #30 send them here
We have had a flurry of activity on the Tell Your Story Here Page. That is not really surprising, being as the Bag was just the other day and people are congratulating each other on a job well done and on having really bad Baglag this year. Anyway, the TYSH page was getting hard to load so I split it into different pages by year. I put links at the top and bottom of each page to help you move through them. Let me know if this works for you.
6/22/2007 ~ Mike Shaves
A work of video art. See Mike Guido receive a shave from Sam the Barber, next to Chelseas in Huntington, in 1983. A 20 minute shave compressed to 6 minutes 44 seconds. A must see for all Paper Baggers.
The return of the Jim Small Band Boatride to Oblivion - August 26, 2007 ~ . A major social event. Now, in an exciting development you can buy your tickets online at the Jim Small Band website and save money!
Yes, even further commentary and clarification on a major issue affecting all bag musicians.
More on the controversy surrounding the "major/minor" dichotomy from Joe Silver. Also several new stories have been submitted to the Tell Your Story Here Page. send yours now
Frequent Tell Your Story Here contributor and local mystic Joe Silver has once again shed light on a murky, well kept secret of Paper Bag operations.
4/1/2007 ~ The Dirt Bag
I have updated the Dirt Bag page with new images and more pithy sayings from yours truly. Also, and this is of interest to those of us with ever expanding thighs, Bag Balm
Finally, a page devoted to the Ladies Auxilliary, you know, coffee and donuts and stuff like that. Send me your photos
3/25/2007 ~ The Dirt Bag
Pete Scully, in addition to looking up lyric sheets for every song and being a kick-butt singer, has provided us with more Paper Bag Artwork. I have added a few of his creations to the Dirt Bag Page
3/25/2007 ~ Marie's First Bag
Check out the look on Mama LaPinta's face at her first Paper Bag as she watches her son, Lenny, perform.
2/24/2007 ~ Mike's First Gig
I have unearthed a photograph of my first gig. Click the black and white photo on the Ontologia page and check it out. A Paper Bag surprise from 1959.
2/24/2007 ~ Hurricane Lisa
Hurricane Gloria hit Long Island on Sept 27, 1985. Hurricane Lisa was already here.
2/24/2007 ~ The 1985 River Trip
The Largest Craft ever to Navigate the Delaware River. An amusing anecdote about a camping trip. Oh it was great to be young. New pictures added.
I found a few more photos of the JSB at the Rose.
The theme for Paper Bag #30 is the Dirt Bag. Click the link for useless information regarding this momentous occasion.
Finally! The pictures given to me by Marianne "Double Cheese" Bisson. The 2006 ~ Edition of the Jim Small Band Boatride to Oblivion. We had our usual raucous time.
Check out photos from the Fall Festival 2006 ~ , courtesy of Jim Savalli at the Village Connection newspaper
10/15/2006 ~ Canterbury Ales
An important slice of Bag History.
Come see the band "Allman Brothers Hour" on the field at Heckscher Park in Huntington on Sunday, October 8 from 3-4 pm.
Polaroids from the past. Mike plays a dirty trick on Scotty K at Canterburys.
Scroll through the Early Years - Page 2 to learn new exciting information about Mike Guido's past. As I go through pictures I am scanning ones that I think will interest you. If not you, I know my Mom will like them because she likes any picture with her children or grandchildren in it.
8/26/2006 ~ Small Talk - 1981
An early photo of Small Talk, the precursor to the Jim Small Band, performing at the Silver Dollar Sallon in 1981. Lots of cool stuff in this picture.
8/25/2006 ~ The 1985 River Trip
The Largest Craft ever to Navigate the Delaware River. An amusing anecdote about a camping trip. Oh it was great to be young.
8/21/2006 ~ The After Bag
The After-Bag Party for all in the Paper Bag Family will be held on Sunday Sept 3. Click the link to glean more vital information
8/17/2006 ~ Bag Section photos
I have updated several of the section photo pages. The new images are usually at the bottom of the page so scroll down. Have fun.
8/17/2006 ~ Bag #29 Photos
Several hundred digital images from Joe Santino have been posted on the Yahoo site he has contributed to for many years. Many thanks to him. Images from The Beached Whale and others are on the bagsite. I still have images from Gene Martin to post. I am waiting for another late night to work on the site.
7/3/2006 ~ Bag #29 Program
Artwork and text from Bag #29 have been posted. The artwork from the program cover seems to work with some browsers and not with others. Let me know if it works with your computer and what browser you use.
I have updated these pages to reflect participation in Bag #30. Please check you Bag record so that I may correct any errors and not have people followng me around complaing that their permanent Bag record is in error. Thank you for your assistance.
New entries to the Tell Your Story Here page are up. I need you to send me your Paper Bag stories. I know they are out there.
It is not complete yet but I have put up a page for Bag #29. I still need to add links for photos and other items.
6/24/2006 ~ Russian Paper Bag
This very interesting item was sent to us from Johnny "IPLAYLOUD" Cola. Gimmie All Your Lovin, like you've never heard (or seen) it. Maybe we should set up some kind of exchange program. You should scroll through the list of available videos. They also do a mean version of Sweet Home Alabama.
6/20/2006 ~ Bag #29 songlist
Version 16 of the Bag #29 songlist with up to the minute changes
click here to get a pdf with a really cool SAB poster
One of the ways Mike has fun in the summertime
5/25/2006 ~ Bag #29 songlist
Get your own up to the minute Bag songlist. Currently we are up to version 11
Plus a link to the allmusic.com page with downloads of Buster's music.
. . . "We gonna make yo' back crack, yo' knees freeze, and yo' thighs rise . . ."
The Doctor Bag page has been beautified by the addition of some serious artwork by Pete Scully. Let me know what you think about this
We had our 2nd Exec Board meeting tonight. Click here to get the updated Paper Bag #29 itinerary and to download the latest version of the tentative songlist.
2/20/2006 ~ Bag #29 songlists
The Executive Board can access songlists by clicking on the Section Leader Page link. You need the log-in name and password. If you don't have the log-in info . . . guess. The name and password are the same.
Yes, now you too can enjoy the music of the Jim Small Band in the comfort of your own home. Songs will be changed from time to time. Have fun
A brief explanation of the "process" employed by the Executive Board at the meetings in the War Room.
10/24/2005 ~ Bagpage for Bag #28
The usual summary page for a Bag year wherein one will find a compilation of the players, the songlist, the program and other assorted ontologia one may be inquisitive about. Please, click here and send one's comments to moi.
After a 3 year hiatus, the Boatride to Oblivion returns. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time was had by all
The teaching staff at Back to Rock includes Paper Baggers Mike Guido, Mike Russo, Mike Nugent, Shawn Murray, Steven Finkelstein, Dawnette Darden and Maria Sarro. Check out the photo links on the B2R homepage. Especially look for the photo of Nuge playing a guitar that is shaped like a flying whatever.
Every year people in the Bag audience make bag costumes, masks, hats, whatever. The winner receives a plaque. It can get pretty crazy. I have loaded some new images to this page
The Guido Family Vacation photos, including the "Match the Foot to the Face" puzzle
Brendon O'Keefe travels to the Great Wall and returns with life's most important gift
I have two file drawers full of piles piles of photographs wrapped in paper. I am now beginning to scan them. We start with pictures from Bag #1. I am experimenting with different ways to display images. I have made these using large files so we can see faces in the crowd. Let me know how this plays out on your browser.
This is the one we have all been waiting for. Courtesy of Johnny Cola and a late night email, The big hairy guy, M.C., showing his sensitive side. Notice how enraptured I look. I have dreamed of this moment for years. It is so nice to finally achieve one of my life's goals.
This is still a work in progress but Santino has posted some Bag #28 pictures on Yahoo. It's a start folks. Lisa Lisa has posted, on the Signify website, a video of Dawnette
These pages now are up to date as of the end of Bag #28. There are some really interesting photos of Shields and me at the first Paper Bag at Whitehall. An Ed Lowe column detailing Ms Marie LaPinta's first time in a nightclub, at the Paper Bag no less, has been added to the articles page.
7/1/2005 ~ Active Member Page
Hey Everybody, I have updated the Active Member Page to include the Rookies and Shirt names and Numbers from the 2005 ~ Bag. Check it out and make sure yours is right.
 The Tell Your Story Here Page is the spot where you can contribute to the content of the Bagsite. One of the cool things about the Bagsite is when people who used to know us find us. I just posted an email from one such long lost friend. Apparently at one point, I stole his motorcycle from in front of Chelseas. Oh well. There are over 600 people who have participated in the Bag, thousands who have been in the audience and hundreds who visit the Bagsite each week. Please take the time to send your thoughts and memories about the Bag. Do it today
5/4/2005 ~ Welcome Home Marie
Welcome home to Marie LaPinta, newest Paper Bag Rookie and honorary President of the Ladies' Auxilliary
Mary McCheese, who burns all the cd's for us has posted some photos on a Yahoo site. have fun
one really long sentence plus vital information
A series of photos that show a transformation. A reverse werewolf if you will. The photos are large and may take a moment to load.
Tom Pecoraro has many cool pictures and other bar band posters and stuff on the wall of his very fine recording studio. He lent me this picture to scan. This picture was obviously taken after Jim had cut off his mane and before Reilly cut his mop. Probably in the early '80's.
I have added photos to the pages for each Bag section, and to some of the MVP Pages. I still have many photos from Gene Martin to upload.
Stanton Anderson Band will be performing at the Patchogue Theatre on November 20, appearing with Leslie West and Mountain. Tickets are available by calling 631-207 ~ -1313 or at the Patchogue Theatre Box Office.
See Mike Guido doing the annoying star crazed fan thing and requesting two of his heros to pose for a picture when they are only trying to have a peaceful meal at a local restaurant.
Photos from Paper Bag 27. Lots of great close up shots.
August 28 at 9pm atThe Dublin Pub in New Hyde Park. Faded Blue, the first band Adam played in will be performing. Come down and celebrate our friend.
A resource page for the students in Prof Collins music business course
A two week Rock and Roll Day camp for ages 10-15. August 1-12, 2005 ~ . Garden City, NY. Featuring Mike Guido, Mike Russo, Dawnette Darden, Shawn Murray & Steven Finkelstein from the Paper Bag Send your kids to Rock Band Camp this summer
Photos from Joe Santino. COMING SOON! Photos from Gene Martin and Beached Whale Productions
21 and over only please
A list of every person who has ever participated in a Paper Bag performance