Jim Small
electric & acousitc guitars of many varieties
electric bass guitar
Jim is the big guy in the center of the band, in every sense. Jim and Phil began playing together in 1976. He is the primary songwriter in the band, but it goes way beyond that. All the music that comes out of the band begins with Jim. At our shows, we do not work from a songlist. Jim calls the songs and establishes the ebb and flow of each set. He plays a plethora of guitars in an array of styles. Jim's bass lines are well constructed and add drive to the band's swing style material. His singing is sublime. We have hundreds of hours of recordings (all available to you!) and his pitch is so dependable, his phrasing effortless. Jim is also a very, very funny man. He can remember thousands of jokes. and sometimes tells them during songs. His songwriting is perfect for the styles of music the band is best at. His songs cover the continuum from driving rock songs to tender ballads. His lyrics are thought provoking (or sometimes just hysterical) and his melodies are so effective that you find yourself humming them on the way home. Jim is our leader.